Update on 2018 (so far) and thoughts on the 2017-18 WMA Masters selection

I'm not one to reveal much about my process but something late last year changed that, namely the WMA 2017-18 Masters finalist selection. Just to be clear, I haven't seriously made or edited work - art based work that I consider personal work - for a very very long time. Many people have asked how the process works and it sort of goes like this:

  1. Start looking at your work
  2. See if any of it fits together
  3. Stick bits together
  4. Doubt it and disassemble. Repeat until you've convinced yourself it works somehow
  5. Break it apart again
  6. Be friends with it then start a raging campaign about it on social media
  7. Results?
  8. Submit!

I really don't think a project is truly finished. I think the ideas that help develop a project undergoes many grueling levels of scrutiny in order to define what is good or not quite good enough. As long as I've been a photographer I've been at odds at what good means in both the artist and commercial space. The challenge is finding a place for in the body of work.  I'll keep you updated on the state of the project when I've reached the next level. Until then.


Welcome 2017 and the year of more work

New year. New ideas. New work. I'm hoping to do more with the website this year. I'm not really sure how much blogging I'll be doing but I AM on the path of a 365-project on Instagram (@bchanger).

So far the work I've released very experimental 'glitch art' using a lot of my near-miss pictures I've collected over the years. I've coined the title 'rehabilitated pictures':


A new addition, Issue #4: Fresh Industrial, is current on the front page. It's a collection of work current and from the last 12 months.

I've also updated a few pictures on the commissioned portrait gallery

ALL NEW - 'Issue #3' published

Howdy folks. Its certainly been a while. I've just added a new 'Issue':


I haven't been doing well in terms of blogging more. I tried to write about a new purchase i.e. a review post but I'm not a reviewer. There's a lot of things to consider when talking about a gear: give an honest review of your experiences and try not to piss people off. In the midst of writing the review I mentioned to an avid user of this particular brand of kit that I thought the design was horrendous and mediocre. To my surprise he berated me for my abilities as a user and my opinion as moot. What would I know, I've only used this piece of kit for 6 months.

Anyway, the weather isn't getting any better or drier. We're in summer people.

Blogging - writing more and the practice of better thinking

I'm not a particularly good writer but I like talking about things. I'm into a lot of things and one of the biggest things is photography. As I've grown as a photographer or in a broader sense, a creator, I've started to realize ones knowledge of a singular entity is boring. Don't get me wrong, I love photography but not everyone does. Thinking laterally makes things more interest. 

In reaction to this, I will be blogging more. Yes, I'm making myself talk about things I consider interesting and thought provoking. The gamut of subjects is infinite and I'm going to provide more content besides pictures. 

Let me offer you my insights and if you're lucky, I just might have something interesting to say.


New Website. New Galleries. An explaination.

Clearly a new look and a new way to put stuff up.

Issue is a new thing I'm trying out to encourage me to report back. I'm not great at social media and marketing so this a neat way to put it out there to get looked at. Its experimental stuff and perhaps a great way to ignite some new ideas in me. 

Commissioned is basically my every day work. These are polished gems. Currently on tap Commissioned Portraits

Projects is the work I love getting my hands on. Its raw. Its abstract. Its what I consider personal work. Currently on tap are Behind-The-Scenes pt. I and II.

As you can see this is a blog section. Its more news and updates. Maybe some thoughts on things every now and then. Lets see how this goes.

Social Media is an actively connected page to my current and most often used media apps, instagram and twitter. @bchanger for both just in case.

Contact. Straight forward form to post emails directly to the studio.  

More content is on the way. Seriously.