ALL NEW - 'Issue #3' published

Howdy folks. Its certainly been a while. I've just added a new 'Issue':


I haven't been doing well in terms of blogging more. I tried to write about a new purchase i.e. a review post but I'm not a reviewer. There's a lot of things to consider when talking about a gear: give an honest review of your experiences and try not to piss people off. In the midst of writing the review I mentioned to an avid user of this particular brand of kit that I thought the design was horrendous and mediocre. To my surprise he berated me for my abilities as a user and my opinion as moot. What would I know, I've only used this piece of kit for 6 months.

Anyway, the weather isn't getting any better or drier. We're in summer people.

Blogging - writing more and the practice of better thinking

I'm not a particularly good writer but I like talking about things. I'm into a lot of things and one of the biggest things is photography. As I've grown as a photographer or in a broader sense, a creator, I've started to realize ones knowledge of a singular entity is boring. Don't get me wrong, I love photography but not everyone does. Thinking laterally makes things more interest. 

In reaction to this, I will be blogging more. Yes, I'm making myself talk about things I consider interesting and thought provoking. The gamut of subjects is infinite and I'm going to provide more content besides pictures. 

Let me offer you my insights and if you're lucky, I just might have something interesting to say.