Welcome 2017 and the year of more work

New year. New ideas. New work. I'm hoping to do more with the website this year. I'm not really sure how much blogging I'll be doing but I AM on the path of a 365-project on Instagram (@bchanger).

So far the work I've released very experimental 'glitch art' using a lot of my near-miss pictures I've collected over the years. I've coined the title 'rehabilitated pictures':


A new addition, Issue #4: Fresh Industrial, is current on the front page. It's a collection of work current and from the last 12 months.

I've also updated a few pictures on the commissioned portrait gallery

Blogging - writing more and the practice of better thinking

I'm not a particularly good writer but I like talking about things. I'm into a lot of things and one of the biggest things is photography. As I've grown as a photographer or in a broader sense, a creator, I've started to realize ones knowledge of a singular entity is boring. Don't get me wrong, I love photography but not everyone does. Thinking laterally makes things more interest. 

In reaction to this, I will be blogging more. Yes, I'm making myself talk about things I consider interesting and thought provoking. The gamut of subjects is infinite and I'm going to provide more content besides pictures. 

Let me offer you my insights and if you're lucky, I just might have something interesting to say.